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About Me

Sarah (Moore) Gross at newly opened Perfect Buns in Camperdown Plaza in Downtown Greenville, SC.

Photographer / Designer

Sarah (Moore) Gross

Greenville, SC Photographer Focusing on Candid & Event, Business & Professional, & Food Photography!

Hi, I’m Sarah! I’ve been taking photos since I was young, mostly landscape photos, however, it wasn’t until I moved to Greenville, SC in 2017 after college that I truly became more interested in photography as a hobby. It started with food photography through my blog Pimento & Prose, coupled with my love of writing. Then in 2019, when I got my first Nikon D3400 camera in maroon as an anniversary present from my (now) husband, it became an obsession!

The name “Allspice” was born out of my love of baking and our custom spice rack at home, along with wanting to harken back to the reason I started loving photography in the first place – food! The concept of the trio of flavors in allspice mixed well with the idea of three parts to the photography business.

Values: Like allspice, a blend of three unique spice notes, our photography business focuses on three main pillars we feel the most confident in:
Nutmeg – Slightly nutty & sweet – we feel this best represents the complexity and fun of the Candid photography side of our business. Whether you need shots of your employees at work in your office, at a special event, or people in a restaurant environment, we know how to make people feel comfortable. By capturing them in the moments when they least expect it, we get those perfect smiles, laughing eyes, and rays of sunlight beaming through windows off of people’s faces that are so worth waiting for.
Cloves – Slightly bitter yet sweet at the same time, this best represents the Business/professional photography side of our business, It’s a tough world out there as a business owner and entrepreneur with lots of highs and lows. Luckily for you, we make it easy to show off the best of what your business has to offer! Whether it’s through headshots of your awesome staff, product photography (either onsite or in our in-house photography setup in Easley, SC), or photos were taken of your office building, we’d love to help you improve the look, quality, and feel of your image and brand to your clientele!
Cinnamon – warm, comforting, and familiar – this best represents the Food photography side of our business. I’ve been honing my craft in food photography and videography realm for the last two to three years, and recently completed Foodtography School to better master and continue to provide the best possible quality images and branding to those who work with me. From Restaurant Week to food festivals like Euphoria GVL, Allspice Photography has found success working with both close-up macro shots for product photography in our home studio, as well out in the field.

Why I Do What I Do

“One of my biggest joys is being able to support and talk about small local businesses, and I have such a soft spot for those that work in food-related businesses specifically. Being able to help give them a leg up and tell people their story in a visually beautiful way, and help them to continue to do what they love is all I want to do for people for the rest of my life.

To be a part of people’s lives & their stories, to continue to watch them grow and move on to do bigger and better things, and say ‘Hey, I was a part of their journey when no one knew who they were yet, but I believed in them too,’ is such a feel good moment for me.”

Get in Touch!

We’d love to work with you! Please reach out to us at:
– (864)-735-4695 (texts or calls encouraged!)
sarah@allspicephotography.com (emails preferred for longer communication or questions)
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